Cornell Circle K

| Who we are

Cornell Circle K is committed to doing meaningful service through direct community engagement, developing our members to be the successful leaders today, and being an advocate for positive change in order to create a better world for humanity. 

Founded in 1936, Cornell Circle K is a campus-based, student-led, inclusive service organization. We are a proud and active member of Circle K International, the world's largest student-led collegiate service organization, and maintain close connections with our International K Family (Kiwanis, Key Club, Builders Club, and Aktion Club).  

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Officer Board

Tiffany Guo
Caitlin McCabe

Vice President
Dylan McIntyre

Diane Pillsbury

Max Fante

Gabbie Lee


Service Chair
Kathryn Nicoll

Fundraising Chair
Hunter Leach

Marketing Chair
Kayla Torres

Southern Tier Division Lieutenant Governor

Julia Fan